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Our flagship product is Aegisplus

The word aegis is identified with protection by a strong force and this is exactly the key benefit that Aegisplus brings. Users can sleep easy in their beds at night knowing that Aegisplus is ensuring that they are compliant with their Aviation Security Programme.

Key Features of Aegisplus

  • Accurate Data Capture
    • Intuitive user friendly rules based application that seamlessly brings the agent through the air cargo front-desk process
    • Contains multiple edit and validation checks that significantly increase the accuracy of the data captured
    • Supports exports, imports and transshipments together with exempt cargo and IATA special handling codes
  • Rapid Driver Identification
    • Supports multiple means of driver registration and retrieval through swipe card, biometrics or other forms of identification
    • Removes the necessity to photocopy various forms of id as images are held on secure database
  • Verification of Regulated Agent status
    • Automated and seamless interface to EU RAKCD database
    • Ability to interface with other national regulated agent database/system.
    • Removes necessity to check on-line database for individual consignments
  • Automated calculation of Screening percentage
    • Accurately calculates appropriate screening percentage
    • Fully reflects the diverse security requirements of individual states and carriers
  • Production of Key Documentation
    • Automatically generates required freight acceptance documentation for every consignment
    • System generated consignment security certificate(CSC) consistent with the security profile of each consignment
  • Full Query and Report Writing Capabilities
    • All driver, regulated agent and consignment data retained on secure database
    • Provides comprehensive management and audit information

Main Benefits of Aegisplus

  • 7951244_s[1]Improves Peace of mind
    Through automating driver identification and regulated agent verification and accurate screening requirement calculation
    By significantly reducing the risk of human error in the cargo documentation and screening process

  • Faster processing
    Quicker driver turnaround
    Improves efficiency in the processing of cargo collection / delivery

  • Adaptable
    Easy to update to reflect changes in state and carrier regulations

  • Greater credibility
    Carriers and regulators gain comfort that regulations are fully adhered to
  • Improved audit and reporting capability
    Ability to create and run reports as and when needed
  • Ease of deployment
    Web based, hosted system with minimal IT expenditure to get up and running.