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Mary Macken

Manager Cargo Operations
Worldwide Flight Services - Ireland

“WFS - Ireland implemented Aegisplus in October 2009. The system has proved to be invaluable. Aegisplus allows us process more drivers with fewer staff and it benefits us greatly at peak times.

We are confident that the driver identification and documentation element of our Aviation Security program is well covered. We are especially happy with the 30 day warning alerting us and the driver to the fact that their validation is about to expire. It is reassuring because we were always concerned the expiry date might be missed by staff on a very busy shift. The system also calculates the percentage of screening required by carrier / state variations. The electronic CSC it produces is both time saving and accurate.

The feedback from the drivers has been very positive as it ensures they get in and out of WFS-I quickly. They no longer have to provide a form of ID which has to be photocopied and retained on file by us. They swipe in. Their details are already on file and we can access their visits in ‘driver history’ should the need arise.”

What our Clients say about us

Eric Verlinden

Assistant General Manager
Swissport Cargo Services


"In February 2012, Swissport Cargo Services implemented Aegisplus at our BRU operation as a unique system for the identification and processing of drivers delivering export cargo.

At our request Air Cargo Systems modified Aegisplus to support the Belgian eID card. This allows us to operate without introducing a separate ID badge and within the strict interpretation of the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority.

Aegisplus was welcomed by the entire cargo community at Brussels airport and has been approved by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. We can count on the full co-operation of all stakeholders in the cargo handling chain.

cargo-services-4_rgb_webAegisplus allows us to fully and efficiently cover the requirements for acceptance check of EU regulation 185/2010. It also guarantees an efficient and transparent acceptance process where all steps in the process are monitored, thus allowing detailed reporting on waiting and process times.

Recently we also successfully introduced Aegisplus in our newly acquired Flightcare operation in Brussels and we plan to further roll the system out in other stations and on imports."