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Air Cargo Systems

Air Cargo Systems is a dynamic software design and development company who focus on developing solutions for the Air Cargo industry to help in the following areas:

  • Cargo Aviation Security Compliance to National & International standards
  • Increase operational efficiency - in all Cargo areas - through business process re-engineering
  • Maximise potential for one-time data capture
  • Improve document management

WFSI in useAs cargo security become more and more pervasive and is subject to constant change it is getting harder for airlines and handlers to keep up with new and altered regulations .... and it was from this need that Air Cargo Systems was born.

Air Cargo Systems was founded in 2008 and has their headquarters in Dublin, Ireland


At Air Cargo Systems, we've got satisfied customers. They've found Aegisplus to be crucial to the success of their business—and in their case studies, they tell you why.

Our customers are also crucial to the development of Aegisplus as they provide valuable insights into how Aegisplus can be improved to better serve their business.